Money Plane

In class, I had a activity where I had to put money on a paper airplane and see if it could hit the target.

Here are the planes that I tried out:

Here are descriptions of the planes:


Basic is the simplest plane possible. It is big and it has  poor wingspan.


I made this plane from a YouTube video. The video was hard to follow so I made some modifications.

It is short, small, and it has good wingspan which made me choose it over the other one.

I use 5 dollars

And 2  25 cent coins

Total weight carried: 42.75 g (I had to stop when the plane  blew up)

Here is a picture to show you the distance between the target and the launching point:


Overall, the project was pretty fun, but it was scary when the play blew up in mid-air and my money was in midair.



Work in progress report 3:

This month, I have made quite a few models, some fails, some successes.

Here they are:

Articulated bus: Fail

Race Car: Success

8/8 offroader: Fail

Morgan 3 wheeler: incomplete

tank: Fail(It doesn’t really count because it was a test).

This  Month, I have learned how to make blueprints using a app called model scaler.

Here is the link:

So far, I have made blueprints for the following models:

-Morgan 3 wheeler

-Leiber Ltm mobile crane

As I write this post,

my YOUTUBE channel has:

6 subscribers


Here are a few models you will see next month(hopefully):

-Leiber Ltm

-Morgan 3 wheeler



If you could build Lego, what would you build?

Examples Of Energy:

For class, I had to find a few examples of energy. Here they are:

Mechanical energy: A Electric Motor

Heat energy: A stove

Sound energy: Speakers

Potential energy: A Lego pull-back motor

A example of energy conversion:

Electrical energy goes through a cable and goes into a dish washing machine which turns electrical energy into heat energy which drys the dishes.

Do you have a example?

Giant Lego Marble Run

For school, I had to make a marble run for a assignment. I decided to make it out of LEGO because I have thousands of it. Here is a picture:

Here is a video:


My marble run was basically built around a large Lego custom-made minifigure that actually was shooting a basket ball.  The biggest challenge in building this model was the curves. Because I had no experience or curved walls, I had to develop some solutions. Another challenge was reinforcing the model. When I was building the model, I had no idea where the weak spots where. I learned them the hard way.

It gets annoying if you have to fix the same thing 10 times.


Note: I do all the editing in my YouTube videos)

Work in progress report 2

I know that I wanted to do work in progress reports once a month, but I decided to do this on early because I finish projects very, very, quickly.

Project 1:

Articulated Bus

As you can see, there has been a LOT of progress on my bus model. I’ve added a body, built and programmed a remote control, and I’ve added seats. All I have to do to finish the doors and fix some problems in the drive train.

Project 2:


A model inspired by reading a post on  Eurobricks.

Here is the link:   

The model will feature adjustable suspension, 4 speed transmission, steering, and remote controlled drive and steering.

The next report will come next month.

A Work In Progress Report:

Today, I decided to try something new: A workshop report! A workshop report is basically  a time when I report what I am building and any progress.

Model: Articulated Bus

The Model is fully remote-controlled with Mindstorms Ev3. It has RC Drive and,  Steering with working steering wheel. I was also thinking of adding a mechanism for opening doors.  The Biggest challenge in building this model will be hiding all electric components, which is where Ev3 comes to a disadvantage because the large motor and the Ev3 brick are HUGE.

Future Projects:

TBM(Tunnel boring machine)


Tatra 8/8

Maus Super Heavy Tank


Scania Racing Truck

Online School

Because of the Corona, School is cancelled, which means that all the schools in Ottawa and other places are shut down. But it also means that we have to do online school. Schools all over Ottawa have shut down and started doing online lessons. The good thing is that almost all the schools get 90% less school. The Bad news is that unlike other schools, my school is open 6 hours a day 5 days a week. Some more bad things are the consequences of staring at the screen 6 hours a day 5 days a week: First, I get tons of cramps In the back, Making it close to impossible to build my mining excavator project. Also, my eyes start hurting and it gets annoying FAST. That is all that I have to say about Online School.

My Lego Technic Trial Truck

A few days ago, I got an Idea for a Lego Technic Truck. It would be a Trial Truck. It would have the same body as the Lego Technic set 41999.

Note: A Trial Truck is a Lego Technic Vehicle That drives over obstacles and is full RC.

Here is the Result:

It is 56 studs long and 20 studs wide.

Compared to a Lego Minifigure:


The Main Challenge in building this model was the body. To Build it, I had to put basic frames on the Chassis and build the Crawler’s body around them, reinforcing them with green LEGO bricks, which was a fragile solution. Also, The Supercharger(You Can’t see it) kept falling of the body until I finished building. On rough terrain,  The Trial Truck Preforms better then I expected it to preform. The models functions are:

-All wheel drive

-All wheel suspension

-Front wheel Steering with working Steering Wheel

I hope you think my Trial Truck is cool and interesting!

Lego Technic Vehicle Set

A few days ago, I made a set of 3 Lego vehicles. There was a car, a bulldozer, and a mobile crane. The car had front wheel steering and a PTO(power take off) at the back. It also includes good looks. The bulldozer had moving tracks, lift-able plow, and lift-able ripper. The mobile crane included 6 wheel steering, a driven v8 engine, luffing boom, slewing, and retractable winch.

Here is a picture of the vehicles:

Here are pictures of the car’s functions:

Here are the bulldozer’s functions:

Here are pictures of the crane’s functions:

I hope that you found these creations impressive. How about you make some of your on creations?