Innovation Day: Survey Results

Innovation Day is a time when you can learn about something and then you can teach it to others.

For Innovation Day, I made a survey for people to answer questions that I wrote. Here are my questions:

1: What do you like about my presentation?

2: In a scale of 1-10, what would you rate my project?

3: What do you think is a area that I could have improve?

Personally, I was NOT satisfied with my results.  Here are my results

Also, most of the people who took the surveys where my classmates and none of them actually listened to me present so I probably have a reason now.

For more Information on innovation day, you can visit my post Innovation Day


Innovation Day

Innovation day is a project that you learn about something that you don’t know. For example, for my project. I am testing LEGO all terrain vehicles and write solutions for which all terrain vehicle chassis works best. When we are done,  we present our project. I think Innovation Day is fun. It also lets me to do what I like to do, which is to build LEGO stuff.

What I Am Learning In Language Arts

In Language Arts at School, I am learning about proper  punctuation and grammar. In language  Arts, I got a sheet with two paragraphs. I was supposed to find all the typos and improper grammar and then write how many typos I found. Personally, I think that Language Arts is fun. Do you like Language arts?

Emoji Math

I wrote a few Emoji math equations. Can you answer them?

6 =  🍉

7 = 🍇

4 = 🍌

5 = 🍍


1. 🍉 + 🍇 + 🍌 =

2. 🍍 + 🍌 + 🍇 =

3.  🍌 +   🍉 +  🍇   =

4. 🍇 +🍌  =

5.  🍉 + 🍍 + 🍇=

Can you invent your own Math equations?

Modeh Ani

It means what you are grateful for like for example: I am grateful for waking up in the morning and that you have food to eat and stuff like that. What are YOU  grateful for?

Lego Ev3

Lego Ev3 is a special type of Lego. The thing that makes Ev3 special is that it is programmable(Or remote controlled). The Lego Ev3 has many types of sensors. There are Big motors, Small/servo motors, colour sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Temperature Sensors and, The Infared Reciver and Infared Remote. Ev3 is A Type of LEGO called Mindstorms. Before Mindstorms, There was Mindstorms Nxt. There are also Mindstorms competitions where you can win medals. I hope that you find that Ev3 is Interesting!

The Rambots: After The Competition

On the competition, we came in 17th… Out of 17! The competition took place at Carlton University. We stayed at Carlton University for nearly TEN HOURS! We spent nearly half the time working on our robot, Betsy. We also had some brakes so we spent some of the time playing board games. I also brought some Brownies and some Cookies to share with the Team. I find robotics interesting. Do you find Robotics interesting?

The Rambots

At my School, I participate in the Rambots, the School’s Robotics Team. On the Robotics team, we build a Robot and then we go to a competition. Our Robot’s name is Betsy. We also had to do a project. Our Project is… A Inclusive Playground! If you wan’t to know what happens after the competition, Visit my post “The Rambots After The Competition”!

Recommended Books

I love reading books. In fact, Reading Books is my favorite pastime! I have written a list of recommended books below:

Wings of Fire Series

House of Robots

Harry Potter Series

Geronimo Stilton  Series

Geronimo Stilton: The Kingdom of Fantasy Series

Wings of Fire: Legends

Poptropica  Series

Asterix Series


The Digestive System

The Digestive System is an important part of the body. It helps you Digest the food that you eat. The Mouth, Esophagus, The Stomach, The Pancreas, The Liver, The Large Intestine, The Small Intestine and, The Anus are all are parts of the digestive system. Lets look a what these parts of the Digestive System do:

Mouth: It breaks food down.

Esophagus: It transfers the food too the Stomach.

Liver: The Liver filters blood coming  from the digestive tract and produces bile.

Pancreas: It is part of the digestive system and produces insulin and other important enzymes and hormones that help break down foods.

Stomach: The Stomach digests food.

Small Intestine: The Small Intestine absorbs minerals.

Large Intestine: The Large Intestine Absorbs water.

Anus: The Anus Poops everything out.

I hope you enjoyed my explanation of the Digestive System!